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5 benefits of lavender oil in skincare

Lavender oil is renowned worldwide for its calming properties which help to relax the mind and soothe the body. Discovered over 2,500 years ago, lavender oil is used by aromatherapists to help treat insomnia and anxiety and to promote wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle. Read on to learn how you can use lavender oil in your skincare routine, and what the benefits are.

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Sleep well with lavender

Lavender helps to promote a restful night's sleep. Use to calm the mind and improve your mood before bedtime. Research has shown that after inhaling the vapours from lavender oil, the heart rate and blood pressure slows down and the muscles relax.

If you want to de-stress and calm your mind before bedtime, try one of our Relax shower steamers. Infused with lavender and other calming essential oils, our shower steamers are designed to help you to wind down after a hectic day.

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Get healthy-looking hair

Lavender oil helps to stimulate hair growth and thicken the hair follicles. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, lavender oil can help to prevent an itchy scalp and the appearance of dandruff. Interestingly, a study carried out in 2011 found that lavender oil may help to prevent lice! 

Lavender reduces the appearance of acne

Lavender oil may help to reduce the redness and scarring caused by acne. Its natural antibacterial properties help to kill acne-causing bacteria and speed up the healing process after a breakout. It may also help in preventing further infection.

Our Lavender Kiss natural salt soap bar is made with lavender essential oil and Himalayan salt to gently cleanse and nourish the skin.

 Lavender natural salt soap with pink Himalayan salt

Lavender soothes inflamed skin

Lavender oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that will help to soothe and calm irritated skin. Used around the world to help calm down the effects of eczema and psoriasis, lavender oil can also help even out skin tone and restore a healthy complexion.

Lavender fights the signs of ageing

A potent source of antioxidants, lavender oil helps to protect the skin from damage by free radicals, including sun exposure and pollution. It's also highly effective at balancing the skin's natural barrier while detoxifying and rejuvenating the skin for a glowing complexion.

Now that you know more about the incredible benefits of using lavender oil in your beauty routine, fill your mind, body and soul with the intoxicating aroma of lavender and reap the benefits!

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