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We go au naturel

Did you know that skin is the body's largest organ? That's why you need to take care of yours by choosing the best natural skincare formulated with botanical ingredients that are actually healthy for your skin.

We choose carefully selected botanical oils and natural ingredients (and naturally-derived where nature doesn't provide) in all our cruelty free and vegan skincare to help protect, replenish and keep your skin looking and feeling great.

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Ghanaian woman holding natural soaps

We support fair trade

We ethically source fair trade shea butter from a women-led co-operative of 54 Ghanaian women. By supporting them directly it eliminates the profiteering middle men, and ensures that these women call the shots on their livelihoods.

​We're passionate about empowering these women by purchasing this incredible shea butter, and confident that you'll be amazed how our natural soaps with shea butter and our range of shea body butter feels on your skin.

Remember: when you purchase from us, you are empowering them too.

Meet the Shea Queens
Botanical ingredients in natural skincare

We're all about the blooms

Botanicals, herbs, spices and clays give a natural hue to our handmade soaps. Skin superfoods, these ingredients are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and the power of natural extracts to give your skin a naturally radiant glow.

Pure essential oils boast a range of mental and physical health benefits, have antimicrobial properties, are loaded with antioxidants, and they add beautiful aromas to our vegan skincare line.

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Only the good stuff makes the grade here

Our natural soaps and whipped body butter are free from toxins - so it's a win-win for you, and the environment.

We say NO to artificial colourants, fragrance oils, animal products, and artificial ingredients that are frequently used in handmade soap bars and in natural skincare, yet offer no benefits to the health of your skin. In fact, some of these ingredients are classed as toxins and have been proven to be harmful to the skin or to our planet - and that's not what we're about.

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Go check out our ingredient labels - you won't find anything other than pure, natural goodness.