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Hello, I'm Alison

I was inspired to create natural skincare for sensitive skin after my sister developed a severe skin condition after using commercially produced products. Her face turned red and inflamed, was painful to the touch and covered with bumps and blister-like pustules. It broke her confidence.

She spent hundreds of pounds purchasing skincare products from around the world to see if anything could help. Nothing did.

A woman with rosacea skin condition

The truth behind toxic skincare

Her skin flared up after using a skincare product that was hailed to be one of those 'all singing, all dancing' products - you know the ones I mean? Worryingly, many skincare products are formulated with potentially toxic ingredients that are often the cause of skin conditions like this.

It was then that I started to take note of the products I was using - because I didn't want the same thing to happen to me. I'd already spent most of my life suffering from severe acne and didn't want to add to my own skin problems. So I started reading the ingredient's list of products I was using and was horrified to discover that most were made with ingredients that could be harmful, even carcinogenic.

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Here to help you

After consciously looking for products made with more natural ingredients, I decided to make my own. This allowed me to set the benchmark regarding the quality, and I could choose the best natural ingredients that were beneficial for skin health.

Now it's my turn to help you. I want to empower and inspire you to make healthy choices and take care of your skin. Give me a follow on Instagram or Facebook - I'd love to see you there.

Choose the best vegan skincare for your skin

(and always check the ingredient list before you purchase any skincare products)