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Coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter are the first three ingredients in our natural soaps, crafted with raw, organic shea butter sourced directly from Ghana. We only want the best for your skin - that's why we promise that if an ingredient isn't healthy for your skin, it won't make it into our products.

Soothe hand cream from Bloom In Soap

"Having tried many hand creams over the years, this is truly the BEST I've found."

"Hand cream instantly sinks in leaving my hands feeling smooth and soft, and my nails are naturally shiny after rubbing in well. Best of all are the compliments next day for a manicure I haven't had - just 2 minutes 'me' time and instant results that everyone can see and I can appreciate."

Review left by Vicky Gray

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Super sensitive skin? Browse our range of award-winning, fragrance-free sensitive skin care

Fragrance-free Skincare

Soothe and moisturise your sensitive skin with our range of fragrance free skincare... 

Fair trade shea butter woman producer

We support women-led fair trade

Meet Madam Sulemana of Jilima Co-op, shea butter producer extraordinaire and resident comedienne (so we're told). With your purchase you are empowering Madam Sulemana and the 53 dynamic women who make up this co-operative to call the shots and build a profitable business.

Meet the Shea Queens
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