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Why you should exfoliate your skin

Do you exfoliate your skin regularly? Probably not. But that's just because you might not know (yet) about all of the super amazing benefits that exfoliating has for your skin! Are you itching to find out what they are?

Woman exfoliating her skinWhy exfoliate?

Did you know that the top layer of your skin is actually dead skin? Your body sheds these dead skin cells every month or so to make room for new skin cells to form on the top layer of your skin. Sometimes these dead skin cells don't shed by themselves and leave skin looking dull, dry and flaky (and let's not even mention the blocked pores!). Thankfully you can give your skin a helping hand by using a natural exfoliant twice a week; this will help to speed up the process by buffing away those pore-blocking dead skin cells. The result? Baby soft, radiant skin - AKA serious skin goals:)

The benefits of exfoliating

Exfoliating deep cleans your pores

Dead skin builds up in pores making them bigger and more visible. Larger pores attract all kinds of dirt and grime, making skin more susceptible to blackheads. Think of it as dead skin festering inside your pores giving bacteria a breeding ground in which to thrive. Yup! Didn't want to paint that picture but it's a fact. By exfoliating regularly, you are ridding your skin of dead skin cells, cleansing your pores and restoring your skin's natural glow.

Skin pores

Exfoliating prepares your skin for tanning

Do you fake it? Sitting in the sun is a definite no-no if you want to look after your skin, that's why many of us (including me) fake it by applying a self-tanning lotion. Fake tan works best after you've exfoliated your skin; when you exfoliate you remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, leaving a smooth, even surface that will absorb the lotion evenly and deeply. This means your fake tan will not only last longer but will appear more even too.

Womans tanned legs

Exfoliating keeps blemishes and spots at bay

As we said above, bacteria feed off dead skin. By exfoliating, you will unblock your pores, break down bacteria, and encourage the renewal of new skin cells. Always use a gentle exfoliant and apply a light moisturiser after exfoliating for best results.

Exfoliating helps skin to absorb moisture

If you've spent a small fortune on a top-quality moisturiser but aren't seeing the results you'd expected, it could be down to a lack of exfoliating. A build-up of dead skin cells can actually prevent your skin from absorbing moisturising products. In addition, moisturiser could coagulate with the dead skin cells trapped in your pores to create a gloopy mess - just imagine the feeding frenzy bacteria will have in that! Yuk!

So if you're spending a lot of money on a high-quality moisturiser but aren't taking the time to exfoliate your skin, you could be wasting all of your hard-earned cash; the moisturiser will simply sit on the top layer of skin and won't absorb into your skin. So if you want to see great results from your moisturiser, add exfoliating to your skincare regime twice a week.

Woman applying moisturiser on her face

Exfoliating helps stimulate blood flow

Some amazing things happen to your skin when you exfoliate. Exfoliating stimulates blood flow around your body and this increased blood flow can help reduce the appearance of cellulite (and who doesn't want that?!) and can go a long way to help with the skin's elasticity (think younger-looking skin). Good circulation can help to give your skin a lovely, radiant glow too.

Exfoliating soap bars

Several of our natural soap bars have exfoliating properties and are great for buffing away dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin. Spice & Shine is made with the finest ground walnut shell that acts as a very gentle natural exfoliant. This ground walnut shell has the texture of the finest beach sand (think Seychelles and not Blackpool pier) and is so very gentle on your skin - just enough to remove dead skin cells without stripping your skin of its natural moisture content.

Exfoliating soap bar

Our natural salt soaps also hold amazing natural exfoliant properties, in particular Himalayan Spa and Lavender Kiss are booth made with Himalayan pink salt for a wonderful exfoliating experience. Charcoal Detox is made with sea salt, a natural exfoliant that contains more than 21 minerals. Sea salt effectively removes dead skin cells and purifies the pores - and because salt is well known for its incredible healing properties, it helps to calm and soothe irritated skin.

Go on, what are you waiting for? Get exfoliating and get clearer, younger-looking skin in the bag.

Charcoal Detox exfoliating soap

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