Bloom In Soap wins best Ethical Business award

Bloom In Soap wins Modern Maker Award!

We're thrilled to announce that Bloom In Soap fought against stiff competition from some incredible small businesses to be crowned the official winner of BizBubble's Modern Maker Award 2022 in the Ethical category. The announcement was made online by guest judge Natasha Francis from the BBC's 'The Bidding Room' and Founder of 'The Urban Vintage Affair'.

award winning ethical soap making business

BizBubble is a small independent business network directory championing small, innovative businesses through collaboration and community support.

Winner of the Ethical category

We also made it into BizBubble's Top100 Small Businesses in 2022! So how did Bloom In Soap stand out from the rest of the competition? Here's what the panel of judges had to say about our business ethics:

"Very difficult category as the finalists are all doing so much for our planet and are real ambassadors in shifting our behaviour in ethical responsibility."

"Business showing social responsibility to charity, innovative plastic-free eco packaging, and fairtrade. Bloom In Soap has created desirable products that I could swear I can smell through the screen. I will be trying the clever shower bombs!"

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Why winning an award is good for business

When any business wins an award, it's recognition for all the hard work, thought, research, and effort the owner puts into their business. Even more so for a small business, where the owner is usually the creator, producer, marketing manager, accountant, graphic designer, and copywriter all rolled into one.

Winning an award provides a business with credibility, a seal of approval from other businesses, and helps their business to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Positive media exposure is also a huge benefit of winning an award and helps to maximise a brand's visibility - so we're just a little bit excited about the future of our business.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our business and helped to make it such a success. If you're new to Bloom In Soap, head to our shop to discover ethical products that won't cost the earth.

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