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Award-winning Ethical business

plastic-free packaging

Packaging really needn’t be a load of rubbish. That’s why our packaging is biodegradable - you can pop it on the compost pile, re-purpose it, or recycle it. 

The packaging for our plastic-free soap goes one better than that - the paper is impregnated with over 15 species of UK wildflower seeds and, when planted, will blossom into an incredible habitat for pollinating insects.

empowering women

With every bar of raw shea butter soap you purchase, you are empowering a small co-op of 54 Ghanaian women to negotiate a fair price for their hand-churned shea butter.


Standing together as a united force, these Shea Queens are able to safeguard their income so that they - and their families - may enjoy a better standard of living.

kind to the planet

As well as being gentle on the skin, our eco soap is kind to the planet too, even after it's been through the wash (so to speak).

We aim for zero when it comes to waste. That’s why we re-use, re-purpose - or at a minimum - recycle the packaging from our ingredients deliveries. We don't waste a single piece of soap either - we save the ends of our soap loaves and sell them as samples.

And we only make palm free soap.

No planet B