Coconuts and coconut oil for use on the hair

Is coconut oil good for your skin?

Coconut is well known for its amazing benefits to our health - studies have shown that coconut oil may improve heart health, increase good cholesterol, and even burn fat - so is it good for our skin health too? Read on to discover three reasons why coconut oil has quickly become the go-to beauty must-have amongst men and women all over the world.

Coconut oil and coconuts

Coconut oil is an effective cleanser

Coconut oil is the bee's knees when it comes to cleansing skin - that's why it's one of the main ingredients in our luxury natural soap bars. When using our soap to cleanse your body, the coconut oil effectively lifts dirty oils and impurities from the skin and pores without drying the skin out. Did you know that coconut oil can also be used as an effective makeup remover?


A woman washing her body with a natural soap bar

Coconut oil is a moisture magnet

It's well known that coconut oil is a super-effective moisturiser - it's loaded with saturated fats that act as an emollient to soften and hydrate the skin. What's more, virgin coconut oil is packed full of antioxidants which may help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and slow down the early signs of ageing.

We use organic raw virgin coconut oil in our range of luxury whipped body butters. In addition to being an excellent moisturiser for the skin, coconut oil is a natural source of caprylic and lauric acid which is great for dry, itchy skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. We also use Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, an incredible ingredient derived from coconut oil and glycerin which replenishes the skin, helps to keep moisture locked in, and gives a wonderful non-greasy feel.

It's great for eczema

Coconut oil is a win-win for anyone who suffers from eczema and psoriasis thanks to its high content of fatty acids - in particular, linoleic acid and lauric acid - which have antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties. These fatty acids help to reduce inflammation, promote wound healing, and assist in strengthening the skin's natural barrier. Plus, when used as a moisturiser, coconut oil will soften, smooth, and hydrate dry skin conditions. To reap the benefits of using coconut oil as a moisturiser, apply to moist skin (just after bathing/showering) to lock all that lovely moisture in.


A woman applying coconut oil to her skin

Did you know that we also use coconut oil in our luxury handmade soap because it produces lovely big bubbles? These bubbles effectively cleanse your skin of dirt, toxins, and impurities. See our range of natural soap bars, all made with copious amounts of natural coconut oil for clean, healthy skin.

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