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Have you heard? Bar soap is back on trend

Bar soap is making a comeback! Since the invention of plastic, shower gel and liquid soap bottles have been cluttering up bathrooms and kitchens all over the world - and leaving bar soap for dust in its wake. But those days are long gone, as bar soap is back - alive, kicking, and on-trend.


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The war on plastic

With climate change becoming more apparent than ever, people from around the world are making the conscious decision to reduce the amount of plastic packaging in their weekly shop. Just take a look at the news to see the devastation single-use plastic is having on our planet. In fact, the sheer scale of plastic waste in our seas and oceans is escalating exponentially on a daily basis. According to the BBC:

'Every minute of every day, the equivalent of a garbage truck full of plastic is emptied into the world's oceans.'


Scary, huh?


A stack of soap bars

But my bathroom plastic gets recycled, right?

According to Circular Online, our recyclable bathroom waste accounts for 30% – 40% of the total landfill waste in the UK. This means that a large proportion of the plastic bottles in our bathrooms never even makes it to the recycling centre. And with the average person in the UK using over 52,000 bathroom products in their lifetime, that is a heck of a lot of plastic going nowhere. Did you know that a single shower gel bottle takes over 450 years to decompose?


Why bar soap is trending right now

Bar soap is a really easy swap to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste in our homes. Out with numerous plastic bottles of shower gel and liquid hand soap, and in with eco-friendly and sustainable bar soap (plus it's sooo much better for your skin too).

Our luxury handmade soap bars are as naked as the day they were created, with not a smidgin of plastic in sight. We don't use single-use plastic in the production of our handmade skincare products, and you'll never find plastic in any of our packaging. We're doing our best to reduce our with plantable packaging, and enjoying luxury everyday skincare to boot.

Have you made the switch yet? Even the smallest of steps can result in big changes - we're sure of it.


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