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Body butter vs body lotion: which is best?

Body butter and lotion are two completely different products to moisturise the skin. If you're not sure what the difference is or which one suits your skin type, read on as this blog post is all about body butter vs body lotion and which one is best. 

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What is body butter?

Body butter is a blend of oils and butters which are selected to create a product that deeply moisturises the skin. Have you used body butters before which left your skin feeling greasy? Although by their very nature body butters may feel oily when you first apply them to your skin (they are literally made from oils and butters), when formulated correctly you shouldn't be left with that greasy feeling. A well formulated body butter will melt when it comes in contact with your skin and very quickly penetrate the skin leaving it glowing, rather than shining.

What is the difference between body lotion and body butter?

Body lotions (or moisturisers) are made with a high percentage of water and a low percentage of oils and butter, and always include a preservative and an emulsifier. Lotion will feel very light on the skin and will sink in quickly, leaving no trace of the product.

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By stark contrast, a true body butter is made with natural oils and butters and no water, so is highly concentrated. Body butter is always thicker than lotion so you only need to use a tiny amount to moisturise your skin. 

That said, do watch out for body butters which are made with water (these will also include a preservative and emulsifier) - there are many on the market and the only way you'll know if you're buying the real deal is by checking the ingredients list for 'Aqua'. Not that there's anything wrong with this type of body butter, but if you like to use 100% natural ingredients on your body and don't want to use something that contains a preservative it's always good to know what you're buying, right?

Is body butter better than moisturiser?

Definitely a personal choice! With a moisturiser the texture is light, it's easy to spread over your skin, sinks in fast, and you can apply it throughout the day as needed. On the flip side, a luxury body butter is highly concentrated so you'll only need to use a tiny amount, and you won't need to apply it anywhere near as often as a moisturiser. Plus, if you opt for a whipped body butter this will be just as easy to apply as a lotion or moisturiser. In the long run, you get more for your money with a body butter.

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Which body butter is best for dry skin?

Body butter that's made with nourishing oils and butters will work wonders on enriching and moisturising dry skin. Our range of whipped body butters are a beautiful skin moisturiser with cocoa butter, shea butter, and these gorgeous ingredients:

  • Organic raw fairtrade shea butter - sourced directly from a women's co-operative in Ghana. Raw unfiltered shea butter at it's finest, and feels incredible on the skin

  • Organic Ghanian unrefined raw cocoa butter - certified organic cocoa butter that's packed with antioxidants and works wonders on dry, chapped skin

  • Organic virgin coconut oil - reduces inflammation and is a super hydrating powerhouse for dry skin

  • Organic jojoba oil - balances the skin's natural oil production, hydrates, and is packed with vitamin E

  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride - a 100% natural ingredient derived from coconut oil and glycerin that penetrates deeply into the skin providing amazing moisturising benefits

  • Organic arrowroot - reduces oiliness and is loaded with vitamins and minerals to give relief for minor dry skin conditions

  • Natural vitamin E - a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient that also helps to strengthen the skin's natural barrier as well as hydrate and moisturise the skin.

Best body butter for dry, sensitive skin?

Whipped body butter is super light and easy to apply, and so is great for sensitive skin as you don't want to be rubbing the butter in too much or you could aggravate the skin. Look for an organic body butter that's made without essential oils, as some people with sensitive skin may be affected by these powerful plant extracts - particularly those who suffer from eczema and other skin conditions. Look for a premium quality body butter that's made with all natural ingredients, and always opt for organic where you can.

shea butter

Shea butter for skin

Many people ask us why shea butter is good for skin. In its raw, unfiltered form, shea butter contains vitamin E which has anti ageing properties and is widely known to help with reducing the appearance of scarring. Vitamin A (retinol) helps skin to stay supple, and, of course, it's highly moisturising on the skin. Always check that you're buying the good stuff though - shea butter found in most skincare products has been refined, highly processed and deodorised - a process which removes all of these amazing benefits.

How often should body butter be used?

Use as often as you like! Depending on how dry your skin is, you may like to apply body butter once or even twice a day on areas of severely dry and cracked skin. For most people though we'd recommend to use whipped body butter whenever you feel you need to, whether that's every day or once a week.

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Do you use body butter on wet or dry skin?

We like to apply our whipped body butter before bedtime so that it works its magic throughout the night. Another great tip if you have extremely dry skin such as eczema or psoriasis is to apply body butter on damp skin after you've showered or had a bath: the body butter locks that moisture deep into the skin and works to replenish the skin even faster.

How to use body butter

  1. Scoop a small amount of whipped body butter from the container using a dry finger or a beauty spatula

  2. Smooth the whipped body butter gently over your body in circular motions

  3. Wait a few moments for the butter to sink deeply into your skin

  4. Enjoy your gorgeous rosey glow!

ALWAYS use a dry finger or a beauty spatula to remove the organic whipped body butter from its container or you could risk introducing water from your hands into the jar which could spoil the butter. Waterless body butter will be made without a preservative so will eventually go mouldy if water is introduced into the container. And no-one wants that, do they?

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