Bloom In Soap wins two Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards

Bloom In Soap wins two Natural Beauty Awards!

We're thrilled to share the fantastic news that Bloom In Soap has won two prestigious awards at the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards - and we couldn’t be prouder. Our Spice & Shine Shea Butter Soap scooped a Bronze Award, and our Petal Power Conditioning Shampoo Bar clinched a Silver Award. So what makes these products deserving of a Natural Beauty Award? Let's find out.

About The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards

The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards, established in 2013, are held annually to honour and celebrate sustainability in the beauty industry. These awards recognise top products, brands, and innovators who are setting new standards for quality and pushing the boundaries of beauty. This year, the awards saw over 300 products competing in 30 different categories. The judging process was thorough, with each product judged by a panel composed of beauty editors, influencers, and parents. Each product underwent testing by at least two evaluators over a two-month period. The judges rated each entry based on criteria such as company ethics, sustainable packaging, and overall effectiveness, providing detailed reviews and ratings for each product.


Alison, founder at Bloom In Soap

Award-winning Spice & Shine Shea Butter Soap

We're so proud of our Spice & Shine Shea Butter Soap, which won a Bronze award in the 'Best Soap' category. This luxurious natural soap is a real treat for the skin. It’s packed with nutrient-rich ingredients that exfoliate and polish, leaving the skin feeling buttery soft. Turmeric helps improve skin tone and texture, while finely-ground walnut shell gently buffs away dead skin cells. Our raw, fair trade organic shea butter, ethically sourced directly from a women's Fairtrade Co-operative in Ghana (which you can find out more about here), retains moisture, and the soap is infused with the exotic aromas of frankincense and May Chang essential oils, known for their rejuvenating and skin-softening properties. Each natural soap is wrapped in a plantable which is impregnated with wildflower seeds for you to grow in your garden. This natural soap embodies our commitment to creating effective and indulgent natural skincare products while being kind to our planet.


Award-winning Spice and Shine natural soap

Silver Award-Winning Petal Power Conditioning Shampoo Bar

Our Petal Power Conditioning Shampoo Bar, which won a Silver award in the 'Best Shampoo' category, is perfect for anyone with normal to dry, heat-damaged hair. This pH-balanced shampoo bar gently cleanses while enhancing shine with botanical extracts and hydrating glycerine, and is suitable for all hair types, including coloured hair. Inulin, a plant extract from chicory root, naturally conditions the hair, leaving it silky and shiny without buildup. Organic tomato seed oil locks in moisture and softens the hair shaft, while bamboo extract, rich in natural silica, strengthens hair follicles and promotes growth. Ylang-ylang oil, known as nature’s conditioner, regulates sebum and adds shine, reducing hair breakage. Handmade without harsh sulphates, this conditioning shampoo bar is a perfect example of our innovative approach to hair care that's gentle to the environment too.


Award-winning Petal Power shampoo bar from Bloom In Soap

Why shampoo bars are so great for hair and the environment

  • Unlike traditional liquid shampoos, our conditioning shampoo bars don’t require plastic packaging, which significantly cuts down on waste.
  • They’re highly concentrated, so they last much longer than liquid shampoos, giving you more washes per bar.
  • Our conditioning shampoo bars are formulated with ingredients that gently cleanse and nourish the hair, and are free from harsh sulphates that are often found in commercial products.
They’re the perfect choice for a greener beauty routine.

    Convenient and travel-friendly

    One of the things we love most about shampoo bars is the convenience, especially when traveling. Our solid shampoo bars are compact, lightweight, and spill-proof, making them easy to pack in your carry-on or gym bag, with no more worrying about liquid restrictions at airports or messy spills in your luggage. Just purchase with a travel tin, and you’re good to go. Plus, they’re super easy to use—simply wet your hair, glide the bar over your scalp and hair, lather, and rinse thoroughly.

    Petal Power shampoo and conditioner bars from Bloom In Soap

     For a complete hair care routine, we recommend pairing our shampoo bars with our conditioner bars. After cleansing and rinsing your hair with the shampoo bar, glide the conditioner bar over your wet hair, focusing on the ends. Massage the product into your hair and scalp, then rinse thoroughly. This combination leaves your hair soft, shiny, and manageable, without any harsh sulphates. It’s the perfect match for anyone seeking a natural, vegan, and sustainable hair care routine.

    If you're searching for essential everyday skincare for your travels, our travel soap in a tin is perfect for you. This space-saving solution is ideal for your skincare routine on holiday, fitting neatly into your carry-on luggage and making airport security a breeze! Available as a refill or in a durable, waterproof travel soap case made from rust-free aluminium, our travel soap allows you to continue caring for your skin with our high-quality, natural products while you're on the go. Available in a selection of scents, including our Bronze award-winning Spice & Shine natural soap!


    Spice and Shine travel soap

    Fragrance-free options for ultra sensitive skin

    Anyone with a sensitive scalp or allergy to fragrances should give our fragrance-free shampoo bar, conditioner bar, and range of fragrance free natural soaps a go. Our Delicate Flower shampoo bar provides all the benefits of our conditioning shampoo bars without any added scents, making it perfect for anyone needing extra-gentle care. It hydrates, cleanses, and lightly conditions your hair, leaving it healthy and vibrant without any irritation.

    Our range of unscented natural soaps are aimed at anyone with a sensitivity to essential oils. Each natural soap in the range is handmade using the same high quality ingredients, minus the essential oils. So you can rest assured knowing that your skin is benefiting from quality skincare that won't irritate your skin. Take a look at our complete range of fragrance-free products here.


    Delicate Flower unfragranced conditioner bars from Bloom In Soap

    Are you ready to up your skincare and hair care routine?

    Head over now to explore our award-winning range of vegan shampoo barsnatural soaps and our new range of conditioner bars. Make a positive change for your hair and the environment with our luxurious and eco-friendly products. Your hair will thank you, and so will the planet!

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