International Women's Day

6 women-led business to celebrate on International Women's Day

March 8th is International Women's Day (IWD) and we're seizing this opportunity to share six incredible women-led small businesses with you. IWD's theme in 2024 is 'Inspire Inclusion' and we can't think of a better way to inspire others to understand and include women, than to celebrate these amazing women and the value they bring to the lives of others. Let's empower one another, feel a collective sense of belonging, and create a more inclusive world for all women.

Ruby Sagu - Devaiya Oils

Devaiya Oils was founded by Ruby Sagu in 2015 after a car accident left her with a serious whiplash injury. She sought a natural alternative for her painful injury which led to the formulation of her best seller today, Aches Away. Several of her products are award winning, including 'Best Hair Treat' and Best Nail Product'. After nearly a decade running her business she knows all about the challenges of running a small business and the power of resilience. 

To mark International Women's Day this year, enjoy 15% off her full product range here with code IWD2024, valid until the end of March 2024.

Devaiya Oils

Akua Wood - Sheabutter Cottage

In the midst of the cold, damp winters of England, Akua Wood of Sheabutter Cottage discovered the true power of Ghanaian shea butter. Frustration at the lack of natural skincare options led her down a path of entrepreneurship, birthing the Cioccolatina brand in 2002.
With a passionate desire to bring ethical and socially responsible products to the world, Sheabutter Cottage was born in 2004 with a commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients directly from farmers or community projects. Today, this multi-award-winning company continues its mission of offering a range of natural, moisturising toiletries that will nourish your skin and warm your heart.
As a socialpreneur, Akua’s brand goes beyond profit-making - Sheabutter Cottage is a brand that has a purpose, dedicated to making a positive impact. With every purchase, you are supporting ethical practices and empowering Ghanaian communities.

Rachel Hendry - Scents of the Wild

Designed to help you relax & uplift your mood, Rachel’s botanical soy wax candles harness the healing power of plants and their essential oils and are handcrafted using high quality vegan and ethically sourced ingredients.

Scents of the Wild was born through Rachel's love of nature, natural and ethical products, health & wellness, aromatherapy, and candles. Each of her 100% natural candle scents has been designed with a specific mood benefit in mind.

For example, she created her most popular scent, ‘Relax & Unwind’, as a result of her own proneness to anxiety and struggling to switch off an overthinking mind. Relax & Unwind’ is a blend of essential oils known for their calming, soothing and relaxing benefits and it’s a wonderful candle to burn in the evening to help prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

To celebrate International Women's Day this year, enjoy 20% off Rachel's range of beautiful candles here with code IWD2024.

Scents of the Wild candles

Sam Thornton - Bergamot & Flow

Are you looking for easy, accessible and affordable self care? Aromatherapy on the go may be just what you are looking for. Sam, the owner and founder of Bergamot and Flow makes her own formulation aromatherapy pulse point oils in the heart of Suffolk.
Making these blends started as a hobby back in 2019 until Sam realised that these pure-fumes she was playing with actually influenced her mood and emotions for the better! They can do the same for you too – if you want to have access to feeling calm and grounded, invigorated and focused, uplifted and balanced these little bottles of heaven could be just what you are looking for!



Bergamot and Flow aromatherapy pulse point oils

Kitti - A La KArt Creations

A La KArt Creations started during the pandemic in March 2020 with the strong passion of reducing paper waste and helping the bee population. The business quickly grew in popularity from greeting cards to business stationery. Last August, Kitti, founder at A La KArt Creations, officially introduced her plantable wedding stationery line and nailed the balance between elegance and eco-friendliness.

Kitti's designs cover everything from classic to modern, ensuring there’s something for every couple’s taste. Ditch the usual paper waste – once your special day has passed your guests can keep the stationery and later plant them.

Kitti's selection includes Main Invites, Save the Dates, Menus, Order of Services, Table numbers and names, Seating Plans, Name Cards, Thank you cards, and even Wedding Favours.

To celebrate International women's Day, head over to the website and use code IWD24 to get 10% off of Main Invites and Save the Dates. If you are not yet sure what you are looking for please feel free to use the Chat function on the website, or email Kitti at and she will set up a meeting or call to discuss your needs. 

Ala Kart Creations

Kate - Crafts by Kate

Kate handcrafts luxury fabric gifts and accessories for you, your baby and your pets, with 'help' from her super cute dog, Arnie.

Kate created Crafts by Kate because she wanted to offer luxury fabric products at affordable prices. Kate believes that something as simple as a headband can help make anyone feel special about themselves, and with that in mind, why not match with your pet too! 

To mark International Women's Day, Kate is offering 10% off her range of fabric accessories and gifts purchased on her website. Use code IWD2024 at the checkout to receive 10% off your purchase - code is valid between 8th-11th March 2024.


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