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5 Eco Warrior Gifts for a Sustainable Christmas

This Christmas, treat loved ones with thoughtful, sustainable gifts that they, and our planet, will cherish. If you're on the hunt for eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas, Bloom In Soap has you covered! As a multi-award-winning luxury skincare brand with a strong commitment to ethics and sustainability, we have an array of natural skincare and wellbeing gifts that make the perfect gifts for eco warriors and eco conscious people.

Ethical gifts UK

Before we delve into our top 5 eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas, let's talk about why Bloom In Soap makes the perfect choice when gifting eco-friendly Christmas presents. Our dedication to ethics and sustainability is the beating heart of our brand: in addition to supporting a women-led fair trade initiative in Ghana, we use wildflower seed plantable labels across our range of products. To leave a positive impact on the planet, our plantable labels are produced using paper impregnated with over 20 varieties of UK native wildflower seeds. Made at an artisan paper mill in the UK and printed by a small UK business, you can plant our labels directly into the ground or in a pot to grow wildflowers, it really is that easy! Not only does this make our packaging 100% biodegradable, it also leaves the lasting gift of wildflowers to support our eco system and to attract pollinating insects to thrive and flourish. You'll find plantable labels across our range of natural skincare, from our natural soaps to our shampoo bars, natural body butters, hand cream, and aromatherapy candles.

luxury gift box from Bloom In Soap 

Eco gifts for her that won't cost the earth

If you're shopping for eco warrior gifts, look no further than Bloom In Soap's range of handmade gifts. Each product reflects our dedication to making ethical and eco-friendly choices, from using natural ingredients to plantable packaging, and every gift in our collection is 100% plastic-free.

Gifts for eco warriors: Soap Gift Set

Surprise your friends and family with a beautifully crafted soap gift set from Bloom In Soap. Our soap bars are made from natural, botanical ingredients and are both luxurious and eco-friendly. Handmade using fair trade shea butter, our natural soaps make a wonderful gift for anyone who is conscious about what products and ingredients they're using on their skin, and who wants to avoid plastic packaging. Each handmade soap bar is wrapped in plantable wildflower seed paper so there's zero waste, and they can not only enjoy the wildflowers, but wonder at the bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects that come to feast on the flowers when they bloom.

Soap Lover's gift box with natural soaps

Eco gifts for Christmas: Hand Cream Gift Set

Treat your loved ones to the gift of soft and pampered hands with our hand cream gift set. Our natural hand creams are indulgent and eco-conscious, making them the perfect gift for the eco warrior in your life. Formulated with 98.85% natural ingredients, our hand cream and hand wash set includes a jar of our deeply moisturising natural hand cream for dry skin, and one of our handmade soap bars nestled inside a gorgeous gift box. As well as being completely plastic free and vegan-friendly, this hand cream gift set features a bouquet of home-grown dried flowers and includes a plantable gift tag for your message. Available in three different scents, including a fragrance free hand cream and unscented handmade soap.

Eco friendly Christmas gift ideas: Body Butter Gift Set

For a truly decadent gift, opt to gift our body butter gift set. Rich in organic oils and fair trade shea butter, this natural soap will wash the cares of the day away to leave their skin feeling clean, soft and super smooth, and the coordinating whipped body butter will nourish and deeply moisturise their skin with natural ingredients. Includes wraparound plantable wildflower seed labels on both products as an additional gift for them to plant in their garden, and features dried flowers and a plantable gift tag for an eco gift that nourishes our planet too.

Body butter gift set from Bloom In Soap

Christmas eco gifts: Wellbeing Gifts

Bloom In Soap's products go beyond just natural skincare; we offer aromatherapy candles to gift a sense of wellbeing. Providing a soothing, sensory experience, our candle with lavender essential oil - Soothe My Soul - is made with plant-based wax and natural essential oils to promote wellbeing and offer your loved ones a sense of calm and solitude. A powerhouse oil for relieving stress and soothing the soul, the entrancing lavender scent will help them drift away to their peaceful, tranquil haven. Our Ginger Lily & Ylang-Ylang aromatherapy candle will nurture their wellbeing with its heady, exotic aroma, and help them retreat to a safe, quiet state of mind. Both of our aromatherapy candle wellbeing gifts are available gift boxed and finished with dried flowers and satin ribbon.

Ethical eco gifts: handmade soaps with fair trade shea butter

Our range of festive natural soaps are all made with fair trade shea butter which we source directly from a women-led co-op in Ghana. With every soap bar purchased from Bloom In Soap, you are empowering this small co-op of 54 Ghanaian women to demand a fair price for their hand-churned shea butter and as a result, helping to safeguard their income. Shea producers frequently face exploitation, as they receive substantially lower compensation for their products compared to the actual market value, often at just 40% of what buyers are willing to pay. The quality of shea butter can vary significantly, and shea producers often struggle to make informed comparisons, leaving them unable to get paid what their product is actually worth. That's why it's so important to support fair trade when you can, and raw shea butter offers so many amazing skin benefits when used in natural soaps.

Tree Hugger shea butter soap from Bloom In Soap

Raw shea butter is a rich source of natural glycerides, making it a superb ingredient for crafting natural soaps. With its abundant glycerin content, which acts as a natural humectant to draw moisture into the skin, shea butter effectively maintains skin hydration, leaving it deeply moisturised, soft, and velvety smooth. Tree Hugger, Cinnamon Spice, Fresh Snow and Winter's Kiss natural soaps are made with this amazing ingredient, and when you purchase our shea butter soaps we are able to play a small part in empowering this group of women to lead abundant lives, together.

Cinnamon Spice shea butter soap from Bloom In Soap

Best eco gifts that can be reused: Furoshiki

Furoshiki fabric gift wrap is not only a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for wrapping gifts, but can also be reused and repurposed. Once a gift is unwrapped, the furoshiki fabric can be repurposed in various creative ways: it can be used as a scarf, a table napkin, a hanky, or even a trendy headband. You can even use it as an eco-conscious alternative to traditional gift wrap for future occasions. Their durability and gorgeous designs make furoshiki the perfect choice for reducing waste and adding a touch of luxury to daily life, and just goes to prove how one small piece of fabric can have a lasting impact, both on the recipient of the gift, and on our planet. Available in four beautiful prints, including festive furoshiki.

Furoshiki fabric gift wrap

When you're searching for eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas that reflect your commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, check out Bloom In Soap's range of eco friendly Christmas presents. Our natural skincare products, from soap and hand creams to body butter gift sets, offers the perfect choice to treat your friends and family. With our eco gifts, you can show your love and appreciation while also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. So make this festive season special with eco-friendly presents that reflect your care for both your loved ones and the environment.

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