Why men's skincare is booming

Over the past few years, men have been taking more care of their appearance than ever before. A trip to the barbers no longer means popping by for a quick trim as barbershops are now offering a complete male grooming experience. What's more, the trend in men's skin care products is increasing at such a rate that the beauty industry is predicting a men's beauty boom - in fact, according to Allied Market Research, the industry is set to be worth $166 billion by 2022!

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Men's skincare empowering self-care

When you think of the beauty industry, you think of women's make-up, haircare and skincare products, right? Well, it's not just about women anymore. In an online age of selfies, zoom calls, and social media, men want more than the typical 'diamond in the rough' adage - they want to look polished and sophisticated, and to feel more confident in their own skin. And who can blame them?

The trend in men's makeup products is on the rise - according to a recent YouGov survey, 1 in 50 men wears makeup on a weekly basis. And why not? Women have been wearing makeup for centuries to cover up blemishes, feel more confident, and look healthier, amongst other reasons. First up on the men's makeup bandwagon are top designer brands such as Tom Ford and Chanel which have created makeup ranges designed specifically for men; and make no doubt, as the market increases other brands will soon follow suit.

Men's makeup

The upward trend in men's grooming

Men are focussing on a more groomed appearance by hitting the home gym more and targeting their efforts on their hair and body hair. You may have noticed that your husbands, sons, nephews, and cousins have been spending more of their hard-earned cash on their hair and their beards lately? From my own experience of having two boys in their twenties, a simple hair trim at the barbers has now progressed into a full grooming experience, including beard styling and a nose, ear, and eyebrow trim at every monthly visit.

A visit to the barber can also mean a full body hair groom, with waxing and threading part of the new norm. The stigma of colouring hair is diminishing too, as men are more open to having their hair and beards coloured or 'guylighted' to cover up the first signs of grey, and barbershops are now offering a whole range of services to take advantage of the boom.

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Men's clean (and green) skincare

With the focus on living a more sustainable life, men are seeking out eco-friendly men's skincare products too. The shift in choosing skin care products that are are gentle on the skin and kind to the planet is the result of years of the overproduction of chemical-filled products and the overuse of plastic packaging. Thankfully, this is one trend that definitely won't be stopping anytime soon, and it's up to the big players in the skincare industry to take note and up their game - or lose out.

We care about the environment, so we've designed our range of men's skincare products to be sustainable and eco-friendly, and our packaging is plastic-free wherever possible with reusable packaging options available.

Men's skincare products

One of our favourites - a beard oil by Devaiya® Oils - is incredibly popular with our male customers. Beards have grown (literally) over the past few years, thanks to the likes of celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham and Chris Hemsworth, to name but a few. And when it comes to taming a beard, gone are the days of using hair styling products due to a lack of choice in the matter - in fact, these products are a definite no-no as they are simply styling products and aren't formulated to care for a beard and the skin underneath - this is where beard oil comes into its own.

Benefits of beard oil

Natural beard oil will help to nourish and moisturise not only the hair but the skin too. The skin under a beard can become very dry because as the beard grows, the hair absorbs moisture from the skin. Dandruff can sometimes appear as a result of not using beard oil - and of course, with dandruff and dry skin comes the dreaded itch!

Beard oil will also help to tame an unmanageable beard, giving it softness and shine. Always look for a quality beard oil made with natural ingredients and essential oils as it won't clog pores, and as it doesn't contain any chemicals, it won't cause any unwanted reddening of the skin.

Beard oil for growth

One of the top reasons for investing in a men's beard oil is for beard growth. High-quality beard oil will be formulated to stimulate beard growth and encourage the beard to grow thick, while gently nourishing the hair and the skin. Plus, beard oil scented with essential oils will give off a gentle masculine scent that will last without being overpowering, unlike traditional aftershave.

Our natural beard oil is handmade with hemp seed and jojoba oils and scented with a luxurious aroma of premium Indonesian sandalwood, combined with refreshing scents of sweet orange and eucalyptus.

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