Random Acts of Kindness Day - here's how we're giving back

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day. To spread the love - as a random act of kindness - we're giving away a bar of natural soap or a shower steamer absolutely free to everyone who places an order with us today! Yes, you read that correctly - we'll include a random (pardon the pun) natural skincare product in with your parcel - on us ;)

In a world where you can be anything, be kind

After the spread of covid, the world is certainly changing as we're interacting less and less with others. Many people are feeling isolated, scared, and uncertain of the future. We often aren't aware of what others are going through, and one simple act of kindness may just light up someone's day, lift their spirit, and make them feel included as part of humanity.

Mother and daughter spending time together

Pay kindness forward

The great thing about random acts of kindness is that they tend to have a knock-on effect, as the recipient often wants to pay it forward to help someone else in need. An act of kindness needn't cost you lots of money either - you could simply run an errand for someone, pick up the phone to say hello, or even walk an elderly neighbour's dog. As with everything, it's the love behind the action that really counts.

Jack Russell dog waiting to go for a walk
Here's my little Jack Russell looking forward to a lovely walk

Random acts of kindness - a personal story

I have a wonderful story to tell you about a random act of kindness that was bestowed upon our family while we were living abroad.

It was the dead of winter and we had no bookings for our B&B guesthouse. Things were looking grim. And with no money coming in, putting food on the table was becoming difficult.

We knew a lovely lady who had a fruit and veg shop in the town and she'd heard about our plight. We'd always bought from her shop as we wanted to support her business and her produce was always fresh and tasty. She didn't speak any English but we'd always have a conversation and a laugh in very broken Bulgarian whenever we saw her.

snowy landscape
Driving through deep snow to help out our family

After hearing about our predicament she drove 15 miles through ice and knee-deep snow to our home and knocked on our door offering crates of fresh food and vegetables. I mean, how many people do something like that?

We were overwhelmed by her random act of kindness and it's something we've never forgotten. It made us feel incredibly loved and humbled that a stranger could see it in their hearts to help us when we were in need.

Village in the snow
Our village

In fact, throughout our time living abroad we were astounded by the kindness of the people living in our village. Everyone helped and gave what they had to others even when they had nothing themselves, and they would often give you the food off their table (literally), just to welcome you. And to be kind.

How to get your free gift of kindness

Simply place an order by midnight on Wednesday 17th February and I'll pop a free handcrafted soap or shower steamer in with your parcel. That's it!

What's your story?

Have you been the receiving end of a random act of kindness? Or do you love giving back to others? Tell me what you're doing today to make someone's day.

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