Is facial oil good for dry skin?

If you suffer from dry skin then you'll want to check out facial oils - the latest superhero for improving the condition of dry skin. If you haven't used a natural face oil before, or aren't sure if it's right for your skin, read on to find out how facial oil could restore your skin's naturally radiant glow, and become your new best friend.

Natural face oil for dry skin

Celebs and royalty (including Kate Middleton and Megan Fox) just can't seem to get enough of facial oils. So what's all the hype about? We'll let you in on a little celebrity skincare secret...

Natural facial oils work to leave the skin feeling smooth and silky while boosting the skin's production of collagen. They contain essential fatty acids that nourish and treat the skin to leave it looking flawless and super healthy. That's why so many A-listers - who are looking for a more natural alternative to anti-aging - swear by facial oils.

Flawless skin with Radiance facial oil

Is face oil right for your skin?

Each facial oil is formulated for use on different skin types. What makes each natural face oil different will be in the detail of the specific oils used. Some natural oils are great for dry skin but not suited for oily skin, and so on. And if you're worried about a facial oil blocking your pores - do your research. Always choose a good quality face oil as it will be formulated to quickly soak into your skin while leaving your pores to do their thing.

Radiance Face Oil by Devaiya® Oils is a great facial oil for dry skin and for combination skin. Radiance is formulated with organic Jojoba seed oil, organic rosehip seed oil (more about this little gem further down), and organic sweet almond oil. This combination of natural plant oils works to mimic the skin's natural sebum (naturally produced by the skin) while moisturising, healing, and reducing the appearance of blemishes. AKA younger-looking skin with a fresh and dewy glow (and who doesn't want that?).

How do you use oil on your face for dry skin?

Facial oil should be applied at the end of your natural skincare routine to help lock moisture into your skin. After cleansing your face, apply any other water-based products that you use and then finish with the facial oil. Use the pipette to gently apply a few drops of facial oil to your face before bedtime. Use a few times a week or daily, as a moisturiser or as a primer before applying makeup. To see the best results from your facial oil, always apply to slightly damp skin for increased absorption.

Woman applying facial oil

Can face oil replace moisturizer?

Absolutely! A moisturiser typically contains a blend of oils and water which are emulsified to create a cream-like texture. A facial oil contains - you guessed it - a unique blend of natural plant oils, minus the water. So while a moisturiser may be lighter to apply (due to the high water content), facial oil will hydrate the skin for far longer than a moisturiser ever could. Plus, facial oil is great value for money as you only need to use a few drops to achieve great results.

Do you have extremely dry skin? Applying a facial oil after a light moisturiser could work wonders to seal much-needed moisture into your skin for all-day hydration.

Rosehips for facial oil
Rosehip oil is packed with omega benefits

What is the best face oil for anti-aging?

Rosehip seed oil is naturally rich in antioxidants including omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and vitamins A and C. This nutrient-rich combination works to repair damaged skin by targeting the appearance of fine lines and by fading scars and blemishes naturally.

Radiance Face Oil contains organic rosehip seed oil to hydrate, firm, and tone the skin while smoothing out fine lines and brightening the complexion. After using a facial oil that contains organic rosehip seed oil, you'll soon begin to notice a big difference in the appearance and health of your skin.

Are you ready to get flawless, glowing skin?

Click here to get the glow with Devaiya® Oils' Radiance Face Oil.

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