Bloom In Soap supports Sea Shepherd UK with donations from ocean-themed soap

Bloom In Soap is proud to support the marine conservation charity Sea Shepherd UK, by making a donation from the sale of each of its new ocean-themed soap bars to support the charity in its mission to protect the earth’s oceans and marine life. ‘Save Our Amazing Planet’ soap is now available on the website and I hope to make regular donations to the charity through sales of this soap to help safeguard our planet’s marine biodiversity.

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Marine conservation on a mission

Founded in 1977, Sea Shepherd UK is a direct action marine conservation movement whose mission is to protect the UK’s and the world’s marine ecosystems, habitats and species by ending the illegal killing of wildlife. The registered marine conservation charity aims to end this destruction through public education, investigation, and by enforcing the violation of international treaties and laws that are set in place to protect our oceans. All of the charity’s campaigns are guided by the United Nations World Charter for Nature and adhere to national or international law.

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Bloom In Soap handcrafts artisan soap using natural ingredients and is 100% plastic-free, preferring to reduce plastic waste by favouring biodegradable packaging that grows UK native wildflowers when planted, to support our planet's ecosystem. I designed and formulated this brand new product intending to support a marine conservation charity from the outset.

After watching the Netflix series ‘Seaspiracy’ in 2021, I had my eyes opened to the darker side of human destruction to our oceans, and vowed to support marine conservation by never eating fish again. Education is the single most important way to get the message out there about the devastating effects of overfishing, the excessive use of plastic, and unnecessary cruelty to our marine life, and that’s why supporting Sea Shepherd UK is a no-brainer.

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Save Our Amazing Planet

The new soap bar is aptly named Save Our Amazing Planet (aka SOAP), a name suggested by one of my Instagram followers after a competition on social media to name the new product:

“When one of my Instagram followers suggested the name Save Our Amazing Planet, aka SOAP, I was blown away by the creativity and sheer genius of the name. It just fits like a glove with the story behind creating this beautiful ocean-themed soap. Of course, I treated this person to a free bar of SOAP as a big thank you for the clever suggestion!”

SOAP is handmade with a blend of luxury oils and shea butter, and includes the addition of sea kelp; an ocean superfood packed with vitamins and minerals that offer incredible skin benefits. Sea kelp, combined with a unique blend of fresh and clean essential oils, imparts a gentle ocean scent to this soap bar.

Blue and white natural soap bar

Save Our Amazing Planet soap is available on the website with a donation from every bar sold going directly to Sea Shepherd UK to support them on their mission to clean up our oceans and conserve our planet’s marine life. Get your SOAP and help to support this incredible cause by clicking the button below.

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